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So many of you ask "how do I stop bingeing I want to lose weight" and here are SOME TIPS I a disclaimer I MUST say that I'M not a doctor, psychologist, dietitian, psychiatrist or any other "qualified professional" if you're struggling with any psychological or physical issues you should consult a doctor before starting any new program or following any of the tips below. My tips are simply that..TIPS, they are not PERSONAL advice that is outlined for you specifically and I am AT NO FAULT if you choose to follow these and do not find success...thank you.

1) Do not focus on losing weight. The only way you'll stop is by focusing SOLELY on STOPPING BINGEING. how?

eg) situation: you eat a cookie

a) "lose weight" mindset panics and tells you that you have messed up, might as well binge

b) "stop bingeing" mindset tells you to FORGIVE YOURSELF and that if you DO NOT binge after that one cookie, then THAT WILL BE A SUCCESS (it is all about being positive)


2) When you binge you hide. Try telling yourself you have to do it in front of a mirror. Might sound weird but seeing yourself try to stuff a box of donuts into your mouth is...well...not pleasant.


3) Try write down how you feel after a binge. Our bodies and minds tend to forget pain the quickest. By writing down your emotions you can read them next time you have the urge to binge, hopefully then you can remind yourself IT ISN'T WORTH IT.

4) DO NOT OVER RESTRICT. try NOT to count calories, or weight yourself. Just eat clean, the pounds will come off


5) Tell someone. Even if it is just one person. It is nice to have support.


6) Consult a doctor, if you need help, get it. Do NOT be ashamed.


7) Do NOT STARVE YOURSELF the day after a binge. This only makes the cycle worse. Always eat normally the next day. Do not dwell on the past.


8) Try to love yourself. You are beautiful.


Q: Are Quest bars OK?

A: Yes, but I do not eat them, I make my own


Q: Do you eat Wheat products? Why?

A: No. at least not during my regular meals. (sometimes cheat meal), lots of research available if you google.


Q: Do you eat rice? Why?

A: No, lots of research available if you google.


Q: Do you eat carbs?

A: Fruits and vegetables are carbs. I also eat certain grains (guidelines outline which ones)


Q: Do you lift? What are your workouts?

A: Yes, 3x a week.  I do HIIT and cardio and circuit training too. FIND WHAT WORKS FOR YOU


Q: Do you give out meal plans?

A: No


Q: Do you eat fruit?

A: Yes, I limit my fruit, find what works for you


Q: How long will it take me to lose ____ lbs?

A: I can’t tell you, everyone is different.


Q: How did you stop binging?

A: I post all my tips on my IG refer to "binge tips" above.


Q: How do you stay motivated?

A: I just want it really badly


Q: How do you find time to workout?

A: I'm a full time student, I work, I have homework, a boyfriend and a life. I get up early, I schedule in workouts.


Q: What is your biggest piece of advice?

A: Be patient, slow results are ones that last. Forgive yourself.


Q: Do you eat any processed foods?

A: No, not daily. I do have some treats.


Q: Do you have treat meals?

A: Yes, I don't give out how many/what. Everyone has to find what works for them


Q: Which protein powder do you use?

A: About time


Q: What supplements do you use?

A: Just whey.


Q: Favorite workout music?

A: All Dubstep and DnB…Think Excision, Datsik and maybe some Chase and Status.

Q: Do you eat soy?

A: ONLY fermented soy (no edamame or soy milk), google for details on why.


Q: Do you eat corn?

A: No. Everyone has different opinions, I do not like that corn is seemingly the most genetically modified organism.


Q: Do you eat wheat?

A: No. I've done a lot of research on this product. I will not eat wheat EXCEPT for treat meals, even then I limit it.


Q: So what do you eat?

A: All foods I eat are available in the clean eating guide


Q: How do you stay motivated?

A: I've been an athlete my whole life; I love working out. Once you start you can’t stop. I can’t remember a not being active. I started lifting heavy and consistently this fall. I don't count calories and just EAT CLEAN. It becomes a habit.


Q: How do I know what exercises I should be doing when I am lifting?

A: I ALWAYS suggest getting AT LEAST one session in with a trainer to get advice on proper form.


Q: Will whey make me gain weight?

A: No, it has actually helped me LEAN OUT. It CAN help you gain weight if you want to gain, but you need to take in an excess amount of calories to create gains.


Q: When should I workout?

A: When you are MOST motivated to do so. Make the time.


Q: Do you "juice"

A: No. My body DOES NOT react well to excess sugars found in fruit.


Q: Do you make guides for vegetarians?

A: No, my guide IS EASILY applied to vegetarians. No need for a special guide


Q: What is the student guide?

A: A LESS in-depth guide that provides more cost saving tips.


Q: I have hit a plateau!!! WHAT SHOULD I DO?!!!

A: DONT PANIC. DON'T reduce calories unless you're overeating. Your body adapts to workouts quickly. Try HIIT,  spin class, do hill sprints, lift, cut out steady state cardio for the most part. (AGAIN I'M NOT NOT NOT NOT A TRAINER, THIS IS SIMPLY MY ADVICE AND YOU SHOULD GET PROFESSIONAL HELP IF YOU NEED IT).


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